Fire Safety Resources

Welcome to our resource section, the place where organisations can find information relating to fire safety in the workplace.

Understanding how to prevent and deal with fires is so important and having the facts and knowing exactly what to do is essential. By using the right preparation and prevention techniques, you can keep fires from happening in your workplace, home, or anywhere else you might be. And if you get caught in a fire, knowing how to get out safely will save your life and the lives of others.

Fire Safety is a topic that is generally only regarded perhaps once a year during annual training or less regularly as and when essential maintenance is needed. However, what is considered essential by the layman as opposed to hose employed in the fire safety industry is subject to wide variance. Whilst we can all relate to pictures of roraring flames an the resulting devastation, those not directly involved with fire safety can view its management as another unnecessary burden imposed by Health & Safety leaders. This is a dangerous viewpoint and a little knowledge of what's at stake can lead to safer working conditions and proactive attitudes towards housekeeping, personal and group safety.

Even though we have taken the time to offer these resources we welcome anyone who would like to contact us for specific information relevant to your organisation, any questions or issues that you may have, we will try and find a solution for you.

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