Fire Risk Assessment

Solutions Fire Safety Ltd. undertake extensive fire risk assessments to ensure your organisation is compliant with current fire safety legislation. Our large database of clients ranges from local and central government buildings to small local organisations which gives us the opportunity to customise our price plan to suit the type of building that you have.

Our service to you:
The fire risk assessment process as outlined within the Communities and Local Government guidelines, alongside the detailed Public Available Specification PAS79 and appropriate schedule, form the basis of our Fire Risk Assessment. The report and audit is carried out by a competent risk assessor that has experience of your particular group, building & occupancy profile.

Our Fire Risk Assessment is designed to fully comply with al existing legislation and includes;
- A Fire Risk Assessment of your premises
- Audit of your fire safety management policy
- Revire of your fire safety training policy
- A file of evidence is completed

Our Report;
Created in line with the recommended Publicly Available Specification; PAS 79, our report will be produced detailing the significant findings identified and giving you recommendations for remedial action. Also included is an action plan stating the significant findings in order of importance so you are fully aware what you must action first.

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