Way-Guidance Systems

Photoluminescent escape route marking system can serve the same purposes as escape lighting, i.e. in identifying exit doors, providing a readily identifiable path for safe movement and locating fire-fighting equipment.

Photoluminescent escape route marking systems can aid the identification of stairways, level changes, hazards, fire alarm call points, escape routes, clear ways (especially in open plan offices and factory/industrial applications) as well as providing general low level illumination.

As a result of over 2 years research and development, JALITE PLC launched a range of photoluminescent materials which radically improved performance. JALITE Triple A (JALITE AAA) set a new standard in the area of safety signs and safety way-guidance systems, improving ease of recognition, legibility and durability.

Solutions Fire Safety Ltd are one of the leading companies that champion AAA and have it as our standard material for all safety systems.

Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs...

We are also an authorised distributor of JALITE AAA photoluminescent fire safety signs.

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