About Us

Solutions Fire Safety Ltd is a consultancy providing help and support to organisations seeking to understand and comply with fire safety legislation.

We offer a range of products for organisations of all types and sizes, from small and medium sized enterprises to corporations, multi nationals and public sector authorities.

Our focus began with the communication of fire safety and this remains a primary goal in all of our efforts and activities. Over time and through experience in responding to organisational needs, we have developed into a consultancy that can advise and support clients with all of their fire safety needs.

Our ultimate aim is to create a culture of fire safety within the work environment. We place great emphasis on prevention, education, training and an understand of the current situation within any given department, section or branch of the organisation.

At Solutions we never forget that the customer has the ultimate choice of whether or not to do business with us. Our commitment is simple: to ensure that we provide high quality and good value in the delivery of our solutions to fire safety.