JALITE Group have pioneered the application and specification of photoluminescent materials to be used in safety applications. To gain approvals and acceptance from governing bodies and jurisdictions it has been absolutely essential to provide third party accreditations and certifications concerning both the intrinsic quality of the products and its consistency.

No other company has the history and performance of JALITE in both breadth and depth of Accreditation. No other company can give over 15 years data for statistical process control data for the luminance decay quality of its material and performance data under the complete range of in situ conditions likely to be encountered in use.

Quality Assurance and meeting specifications has resulted in product approvals to meet and exceed all know standards for safety signs and photoluminescent materials in this industry

Jalite photoluminescent safety products now include life safety signs, health and safety signs, safety wayguidance systems, photoluminescent paint, and photoluminescent safety tapes. All these Jalite component products are used to illuminate, identify and locate emergency equipment in power loss situations. Jalite products are sold via a network of Authorised Distributors. The Jalite Authorised Distributors work within specific architectural markets.

The market for these products are so wide and diverse that we even have a reseller of our products for location of emergency medicines and medical equipmment at night or in power failure conditions.

Jalite continue to develop products for specific life saving applications...