Emergency Plans Box (EPB)

The Emergency Plans Box is designed to provide premises plans and information to the Fire & Rescue Services in a recognised format. Latest fire safety guidance BS999:2008 Annex M calls for operational information being available to the Fire & Rescue Service as well as HM Government guidance notes on fire safety risk assessments which call for the provision of information to the Fire & Rescue Service under section 7.3.

The Emergency Plans Box is a straight forward practical solution which can be applied to all types of buildings.


  • Square in design with smooth edges
  • The EPB is constructed of steel in a Poppy Red Finish
  • The handle is made of aluminium alloy. It is designed to detach from the frame of the door if excessive force is applied
  • The door handle is attached to the right side of the door and is positioned centrally
  • Internally there is a Velcro strap for holding your plans and information in place
  • Designed with a break glass facility for immediate access to the key. Replacement glass cartridges are available
  • The photoluminescent fire service sign is positioned centrally on the face of the door

As part of the EPB a comprehensive Emergency Response Pack guidance manual is provided which has been collated by leading fire safety professionals. The Emergency Response Pack guidance manual contains good practice guidelines on the process of preparing premises plans and collating information, including sections on orientation plans, layout and contents and safety & emergency features and is accompanied by comprehensive symbols CD ROM in bitmap and jpeg images.

Are you look for an external box?

The manufacturers of the Emergency Plans Box also provide a box that has been designed specifically for external usage...

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