BS 9999:2008

Code of Practice for Fire Safety in the Design, Management and Use of Buildings

BS 9999:2008 is designed as a co-ordinated package covering the four main areas that influence fire safety measures, namely;

  • fire safety management
  • the provisions of means of escape
  • the structural protection of escape facilities and the structural stability of the building in the event of a fire
  • the provision of access and facilities for fire fighting.

Whatever fire safety provisions are made, they can be seriously compromised by a lack of managment of fire safety; inadequate facilities for fire-fighting; or a lack of appropriate related measures on construction of the building.

It is important therefore that all those involved in either designing or approving the package of fire safety measures appreciate these interactions and influences. In addition it is important that a record is made of the basis for any package of fire safety measures proposed and approved, whether at the initial design stage or at any aubsequent alteration to the building and/or its occupancy.