Fire Risk Assessment Guide

This guide has been developed specifically for the use of small and medium sized enterprises employing between 5 and 150 people. It is an attempt to bring together the requirement of formal fire risk assessment and the principles of good fire safety management and audit to satisfy fire precautions legislation. This guide is a starting point for the implementation process of fire risk assessment and the audit of the working environment.

This guide will have succeeded if, when implemented, the organisation has adopted fire safety management as a normal duty of all managers and supervisors and they accept the burden as part of their own management responsibility. The guide will also have succeeded if, when implemented, all the staff are involved in the process of audit control and acute fire safety awareness.

How much is the guide?
The Fire Risk Assessment Guide costs only &pound19.95 + VAT

What about if we don't feel confident to carry it ourselves?
- Responsible Person Training covers all you need to know about Fire Risk Assessment or
- We can carry out your fire risk assessment for you.

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