PD 7974-2:2002

Application of fire safety engineering principles to the design of buildings. Spread of smoke and toxic gases within and beyond the enclosure of origin (Sub-system 2)

This Published Document provides guidance on the application of fire safety engineering principles for the treatment of smoke movement, control and management problems. The guidance is intended primarily for professional engineers with a responsibility for the design or assessment of fire safety in buildings.

Sub-system 1 (PD 7974-1) provides information on the rate of production of heat and combustion products from the fire source. The aim of Sub-system 2 is to provide design approaches to estimate the spread of the combustion gases within and beyond the room of origin and to evaluate their properties, i.e. temperature, visibility and concentration of toxic products. This information can be used to calculate the time between the detection of a fire to conditions developing which would be dangerous to building occupants. This will enable the design of fire safety measures to ensure that sufficient time is available for escape. It also provides information that will allow property issues to be assessed.

This Published Document forms part of a series of Sub-systems 1 to 6 (PD 7974-1 to PD 7974-6), but may, in consultation with the appropriate references, be regarded as “stand-alone” guidance.