PD 7974-5:2002

Application of fire safety engineering principles to the design of buildings. Fire service intervention.

This Published Document provides guidance on fire service intervention and evaluates the rate of build-up of fire-fighting resources of the fire service. These activities may include in-house or private fire brigades, and, in particular the time interval between the call to the local authority fire service and the arrival of the fire service at its predetermined level of attendance. The time interval between the arrival of the fire service and the start of their attack on the fire are covered, together with the time intervals related to the build-up of any additional fire service resources and the extent of fire-fighting resources and extinguishing capability available at various times.

This Published Document takes information on building characteristics and the design fire from the Qualitative Design Review (QDR), together with the time of fire service notification from Sub-system 4 (PD 7974-4) and the time of evacuation from Sub-system 6 (PD 7974-6). It provides information on the effect of fire service activities on the growth of the fire, which is used by Sub-system 1 (PD 7974-1).