Who needs to carry out a fire risk assessment?
Fire Risk Assessments need to be carried out by the Responsible Person, and that can be the person who is designated as the health and safety or facilities/premises manager, it could be the owner of the building, it could be the person who is actually in control of part of the premises, so it's quite a wide-ranging remit, and it's down to individuals to make sure they recognise and identify who their Responsible Person it.

What does a fire risk assessment look like?
There is no set format for how a risk assessment should be set out, but guidance and sample layouts are available. Solutions Fire Safety Ltd prepare a full binded report, following the guidelines of PAS79.

Who owns the fire risk assessment?
Whether the fire risk assessment is carried out by a member of staff or by a third party fire risk assessor, the ultimate responsibility for the adequacy of the risk assessment lies with the Responsible Person, defined y legislation as being responsible for ensuring that it is carried out and that the fire precautions are adequate.

Who is responsible in a multi-occupied workplace?
The emphasis is on the employer to take ownership of fire safety by determining the requirements of their premises. The owner or agent for a multi-occupancy building has "employer" responsiblities for ensuring compliance in the common parts under their control, such as the staircases and fire alarm. In a multi-occupied building it may be considered for each occupier to carry out his or her own fire risk assessment to ensure that all areas are covered. If this is the case, all assessments must be compatible, having regard to the effect of a fire in one occupancy in relation to others. It is also advisable to carry out one fire risk assessment emcompassing the whole building to ensure the fire strategy is effective. Each employer has a responsibility to cooperate with others, and to advise others of any significant risks that may affect them.

What could happen to an employer who hasn't carried out a fire risk assessment?
The first thing is that potententially you could end up with a visit from your local fire enforcement officer, who will come to see what you have done, and potentially ending up with some sort of prosecution if you have failed to carry out a robust or full fire risk assessment, and that prosecution can lead to either fines, impisonment or in some cases both. If the fire enforcing officers that do actually attend your site believe that you are at significant risk, then they potentially have the ability to close you down there and then, which is obviously going to impact on your viability as an organisation.

What are general fire precautions?
Measures that must be taken to; reduce the risk of fire on premises, ensure the means of escape, ensure the means of escape can be safely and effectively used, fight fire, provide for detection and warning, provide staff training in fire safety/action and mitigate the effects of a fire.


A Guide to the Fire Risk Assessment

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