This Publicly Available Specification gives guidance and corresponding examples of documentation for undertaking, and recording the significant findings of, fire risk assessments in premises and parts of premises for which fire risk assessments are required by legislation.

This recommended approach to carrying out fire risk assessments is intended to determine the risk-proportionate fire precautions required to protect premises occupants including employers, contractors, visitors and members of the public and to protect people in the immediate vicinity of the premises.

The objectives of this Publicly Available Specification are:

  • to provide organisations and their advisers with a methodology for meeting their legislative responsibilities to undertake fire risk assessments;
  • to assist non-fire specialists with a framework for assessment of fire risk, albeit that an underpinning knowledge of fire safety principles will be required in order to carry out the fire risk assessment described in this Publicly Available Specification;
  • to promote better understanding of fire risks and fire safety by organisations and non-fire specialists;
  • to enable common relevant terminology to be adopted by those who carry out fire risk assessments;
  • to provide an understanding of the principles and scope of fire risk assessment;
  • to establish a pragmatic, holistic and risk-proportionate approach towards assessment of fire prevention measures, fire protection measures and management of fire safety, for the purpose of conducting fire risk assessments;
  • to establish a satisfactory basis for documentation of fire risk assessments;
  • to provide a benchmark for a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment
  • to promote a consistent approach to carrying out and documenting a fire risk assessment that will be accepted by enforcing authorities.

This PAS is largely consistent with the approach to fire risk assessment set out in Government guidance documents on the relevant fire safety legislation. These guidance documents not only explain the legal requirements in respect of fire risk assessment, but give technical guidance on compliance with the legislation.


A Guide to the Fire Risk Assessment

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